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Birthdate:Dec 25
AndrAIa is average height, and very pretty. Unique among the Mainframers, AndrAIa looks somewhat like a User. Up until you realize her hair is naturally that brilliant shade of teal, and all one piece. And that she has fins on her forearms, and scales down her spine.

Born as a Gamesprite in an underwater game, AndrAIa was once content to live out her life like her family, working against the User. Up until she met Enzo. He'd said he was a guardian, but that hadn't mattered too much, nor the fact that he actually wasn't.

It was his smile that made her like him.

It's still his smiles these days, but sometimes it seems like they're few and far between.

Sure, life has been hard for them both, but if she had to choose between what she has, and a simple life in the Game, she would choose this life every time.

(AndrAIa is the property of Mainframe Entertainment, and is used here for roleplaying purposes only)

(Also, the mood theme icons are by Kim McFarland, with some editing done by ShinyHappyGoth)
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